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Select Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Policy

A regular insurance policy only covers so much. An umbrella policy will provide additional protection.

Don't Leave Yourself Open

A regular insurance policy can cover a lot of things, and what it does cover it covers well. It can't, however, cover everything, nor can it cover what it does completely. If something like a lawsuit maxes out your coverage, you're on your own from that point on. An umbrella policy with Brown & Brown's carriers can protect against incidents like these and more.

Extended Coverage Under One Plan

In lieu of raising your general liability, commercial auto, workers compensation coverage individually your one umbrella policy will extend the coverage over all of the additional liability policies. Having the ability to add extra coverage across the board for one set price can be monumental for your business, especially if you have already maxed out your liability coverage.

Umbrella insurance is one of those "not required" but necessary insurance policies for your business. By having an umbrella policy you are essentially saving your business on liability limits as well as potentially saving your business.