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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you're operating a single vehicle or an entire fleet, your vehicles need protection.

Coverage for You and Your Vehicles

A Commercial Auto Policy provided by Brown & Brown's unique and specialized carriers provides coverage for you, your employees, and the vehicles you use, regardless of whether they are owned, leased, rented, or borrowed. Our carriers will help protect your company, manage the risks of using any number of vehicles, and help you control your costs should a claim occur.

Protect Your Business & Your Employees

Whether you own a small or large business, your business needs commercial auto coverage as part of its insurance plan. This is true even in the event that your vehicle doubles as the "business vehicle."

The same is true of your employee's personal auto policy. If your employee uses their automobile for company business and an accident occurs, your business could face liability. In that case, non-owned auto coverage is insurance coverage that can be used to protect you or your company. Hired auto coverage is different as it provides liability protection when you are driving a vehicle that you, or your business, does not own or that is not registered to you.

An insurance agent identifies every use of vehicles on behalf of the business by subcontractors, employees, or temporarily labor during peak periods to avoid any gaps in coverage.